Vesna Laković van Kempen
Training Specialist

For the past 13 years, Vesna Laković van Kempen has been creating programs and
education adapted to today’s needs. She leads training for personal and professional
development in areas such as: Mindfulness, body exercises to relieve stress and
tension, training for the development of self-compassion (Mindful self-compassion).
Participants and clients generally describe her as dedicated and motivating, but above
all sincere, spontaneous and down to earth. Innovation, challenge and growth (with a
touch of adventure!) are important values in her work, and she also spent some time
in Thailand at the addiction recovery center New life foundation, working as an advisor
and consultant in the creation of the center’s educational program. Today, she is a
mentor to female entrepreneurs from Asia within the Wedu organization and part of
the diversity, equality and inclusion committee at the Center for Mindful
Self-Compassion from America.