Welcome to the Mindfulness Development Association

Mission Statement

Promote mindfulness research and practice among individuals, organizations and communities. Support the human capacity to be aware to further access to inner sources of strength, compassion and creative problem solving.

Connect individuals from different helping professions to support their advancement and the processes of knowledge transfer. Nurture community development to create supporting environments for personal growth of all people.

Statute (Slovenian) 


We envision a future where mindfulness is part of everyday life of individuals as well as in working environments, healthcare, education and other social institutions. Reflective and compassionate society supports constructive relationships to oneself, to other beings and environment in which we live.

Mindfulness Development Association plays a crucial role as a meeting place for research and practice. Special care is given to maintain an open access to anyone wishing to explore mindfulness, regardless of personal circumstance.

We are trying to fulfill our vision by:

  • organizing groups for mindfulness practice,
  • carrying out special courses for different vulnerable groups (prisoners, people with cancer, people with mood disorders),
  • encouraging personal development of mindfulness teachers, by organising workshops, congresses and intervision groups,
  • conducting mindfulness-related research
  • connecting and cooperating with other similar organisations.


  • Respect. Relationships are based on personal dignity which comes out of a simple fact that we exist as living beings.
  • Openness and curiosity. We nurture open dialogue that fosters reflection, coexistence of different views and mutual understanding.
  • Personal integrity. Personal and professional ethics is guided by congruence in the way we think, talk and act.
  • Compassion. We value vulnerability and the power of nonviolence.
  • Accessible services. We wish you would feel welcome and accepted. We encourage volunteer work, generosity and community involvement in order to enable access to mindfulness practice to anyone, regardless of personal income.
  • Community. Creating community and its support give meaning to our mission and vision.

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